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Riot Fest announces Chicago daily band schedules

riotfestlineup The hard-working folks over at Riot Fest have just announced the daily lineups for this year’s Chicago show at Humboldt Park.  This year’s lineup eclipses any previous year or even any combination of previous years in both number of bands and the diversity, not to mention the big names! I for one can’t wait and as always you’ll be able to see the photographic documentation of the event on this site after the event ends. Don’t settle for just that though, be part of the fun.

Riot Fest has now put single day tickets on sale on their website as well. Click on the image to see a larger version for the breakdown and visit the site where you can print up your own custom schedules so you can map out your weekend. Now let’s all just hope for no rain and some beautiful weather and this will easily go down as the best festival ever.

Get tickets and additional information at the official Riot Fest Website.


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