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I have succumbed!

Well, I figure since a bunch of people I know are doing it, why not me. Thor pointed me in the right direction as i beleive he is a blog addict! I don’t know if anything I say here will be of any interest to anyone but what the hell. I’m home from work today because contractors are doing my kitchen remodeling. They are doing the cabinets, and suppsoed to also do the countertops, but it seems that the countertops are not here. There is some confusion as these guys do not speak English very well, so when the main guy comes back, i gotta figure out what is the deal with the counters. That would really suck if i don’t have them for them to install! I also learned today that new cabinets DON”T come with any handles so I will have to go out and buy them tonite after they leave. I spent the morning working on the web site, where I made many mistakes and had to re-do shit a bunch of times, but it seems to be working fine now. I still have a lot to learn.


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