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Well, I had no one to go with, so I made the trek to the Heritage Fest alone. Dan made good on his word to call me and said they’d be in the beer garden. After i grabbed something to eat from one of the booths, I went over and found him as he was getting in line for another round. We walked back to hang with the rest of his cohorts. I haven’t hung out with these people in ages, but I really had a good time. Dan introduced me to a girl who was a music teacher at some school in a town I never heard of and I chatted with her for a bit, then I was talking to Dan’s girlfriend for awhile. We went to the same high school and were like 2-3 years apart. I met her like once or twice but she didn’t remember me. After the fest closed we all went over to Founder’s Hill, a bar that almost made me embarassed to live in DG. While Chrissy was looking for her friend, a woman stopped Dan and started commenting on his hair and nose ring. Dan and I bet on how old she was, he won but we were both wrong, This broad was 42 but she didn’t look that old. That was a dollar I was out. When we collected everyone we went back to clown manor and hung out. I only knew a couple people there and everyone was drinking or drunk and since I am mostly semi-retired I felt a little out of place. They played me a few songs they recently recorded and they were pretty damn good I must say. I then said my goodbyes and split cuz I have a lunch date tomorrow (er, technically it is later today now) so I need some sleep. I was really glad I decided to go out as I don’t get out all that much and it was fun to see the few people I did know again and also fun meeting a couple new people. They invited me to come back and hang out again and I think I’ll take them up on that offer more often than I have in the past.


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