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Home bound

Had to take the day off today because they start my kitchen floor today. They have 3 days they claim to need to install it. I am only taking today off and I got a friend to watch my house for me the other two so I don’t have to miss more work. I can’t wait until this kitchen stuff is done so I can go back to normal (with a much better looking kitchen).

Reflex records put links to my web site and my GI discography on thier site. That made me happy becuase now more people will find my site.

Tonite I still have to drive to the city because I have a haircut appointment. That was bad planning on my part to schedule it on the one day I’m not down there for work, but I really need one, so I’ll suffer the drive. At least I can meet Thor up at Penny’s for a good meal, which is especially good as I have no food left in my house! The new Stern pinball goes on test tonite, I would have loved to go check it out but there is no time, so it will have to wait until tomorrow nite.


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