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The mend continues

Day 3 of the healing and my headache of yesterday finally went away. I feel much more “normal” at least as far as that goes, but of course the back is a bit more sore than yesterday though. I start physical therapy today too. I guess I’ll be driving myself as Dina didnt’ call me back to tell me if she could come over or not. My sister did finally call me yesterday afternoon to see how I was doing so that made me feel better to finally hear from her.

There is nothing like being home injured/sick and getting a pile of records in the mail to cheer you up! That is what happened today. I got the Bad Brains – I Against I LP on blue vinyl, and I got my order and my trade stuff from Reflex Records in Belgium. They did some great classic punk reissues and I got one release on each color of vinyl and then they did a trade with me and I got test pressings for all those records including 2 copies of the GI – Make an Effort 7″!

Shannon was kind enough to get me dinner last nite and pick up a pile of DVDs for me so I have new stuff to watch while I am home this week. So when I get back from therapy the film fest will begin.


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