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I need a new laptop

So last nite I did what I set out to do, I dug up the crusty powerbook, sat down and watched the Flipside DVD I was sent to review and did some laundry. Tonite’s mission will be to review the Richard Kern one I have so that way I can get them up on the site this weekend. I also have a couple new records I want to write reviews for, even though they were things I bought and not sent to me.

I decided to use the money I am getting this weekend from selling a pinball machine to buy a new laptop. I just ordered it today. It is a faster machine that my current desktop PC. Now I’ll be able to write reviews, work on my website, and waste time on AIM all while in the comfort of my living room where the big TV and the stereo is. Oh, and let us not forget for the few times I ever travel, I can watch movies on the plane (provided they let me bring it on board)! It should be here in 2 weeks and I can’t wait. I know I should have done the sensible thing and used that pinball money for paying bills and stashing away, but fuck it, you only live once.


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