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The failure of cortisone

So it appears that this last shot I got didn’t do a damn bit of good, in fact, I feel worse than I did last week! I have a follow up appointment on thursday to discuss how I am doing and what my options are, but it is pretty much looking like back surgery. While limping to the palace today with angrytodd and matt (who got his first palace burger today since coming to work for us), I had an epiphany, that if they gotta cut me and do surgery, I welcome it just to get this whole ordeal overwith. I was told back at the start that there was a 60 percent chance the shots would work, and couple those odds with my bad luck and I knew this was coming. I am at the point now, where I am so sick and tired of dealing with the pain and missing out on such simple activites as walking normal, that I am ready for the knife. We’ll see what my options are on Thursday and then all 5 of you who read this will know what’s up. I already told work what’s up and they are all for me getting the surgery if that means I get back to normal. I said it before and I will say it again, I work for some very good people, they have been extremely kind, understanding and accomodating thru this whole ordeal and I can’t thank them enough.

When I got home, Thor had the solution for networking this laptop with my PC upstairs so now I am back in business! I also figured out how to map ports to my computers and got my FTP back working as well. I got an email from someone who I am going to trade records with and have a good copy of “Are We too Late for the Trend” compilation LP coming soon. I also got an email from someone who was checking out the website and saw that I was looking for many Cinecyde records and had some to sell me for a good price, and when I got home, my records from a trade with R. Mah came in the mail today, so aside from the pain, I had a pretty good day today, even though getting through the day today at work was tough becasue I was so tired and so sore.

Watching Raw and cooking my traditional wwf meal – a Stouffers lasagna, a monday nite ritual of mine for many years. So far on the show, they have promised hot lesbian action since smackdown this week is going to have a gay wedding. I’m sure whatever the HLA is, it won’t live up to the build up. Bubba Duddley just beat Stevie Richards in what seemed like a decent match, but since I have been typing this, it didn’t get my full attention. Oh, now all the women are coming to the ring, I wonder if this is the alleged hot lesbian action. Man, that Terri is the fakest looking woman I have ever seen, I wonder if there is any part of her body that is not surgically altered. That Stacy Keebler on the other hand is all natural and damn fine! These dames sure can’t work a match very good, but who cares! Well, Trish and Victoria seem to be actually working a match, the other two are just flopping around. Trish did her requisite Sonya leg move that she does in every match. Well, that was just a regular match, not HLA there. OK, I’ll give anohter update after dinner.


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