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I got some records in a couple trades this week. In this day of ebay, trades are few and far between, so it was a treat to get some good trades going again. I listened to a few of them today. The “Are We Too Late for the Trend” compilation on ESR records. This is a collection of old Texas punk bands and is damn good. I will probably play some of it on my internet radio show when I compile a new show as soon as I feel up to it. The guy who I got it from in the trade wished me good luck with my back in the letter. He must have read the blog. I thought that was nice. I also listened to Chain Gang – Son of Sam 7″ which is an old NY punk single, and The Authorities 7″ who were an early hardcore band from CA and had a song from this record on the “We Got Power” compilation on Mystic Records. Lastly, I listened to the Aryan Disgrace single on Mystic Records. I was a little unhappy with the condition of the sleeve on that one, and the guy I got it from offered to trade back if I’m not happy with it. I am on the fence about it and will ponder it a little more before I decide on way or the other but I am leaning toward keeping it. I really want to compile a new radio show for the site, but I am not really up to the task right now of all that moving about changing records, pulling them out and putting them away. I would also like to make a new tape for the car too.

I finally got quark installed on my laptop and I finished the landmind cd cover today and printed one out. It came out pretty good. I will have to make a few copies for some friends. I may offer a couple for sale through the website too if I get the blessing of Dan, who was half owner of the label. Tomorrow Jeff said he’d come by and mow my lawn for me which is pretty fucking nice of him, so I am going to make him one of these cds tomorrow as he has been asking me about it and waiting for me to finish it as he wants a copy. Jeff sold his entire record collection a little over a year ago for some much needed money for he and his wife so he is always excited when I make cds of old records so he can have the music again. He actually justified selling his collection and was able to part with it knowing that I had all those records in my collection (and the ones I didn’t, I bought from him) so he could always listen to them and look at them in the Punk Vault. Thor has his DVD collection listed on-line, maybe someday I will have my database of punk records on-line for the world to see. I am not sure many would care about that though. Speaking of making cd’s, I am now in debt to sirnailhead for a few cds of old punk vinyl I promised him in exchange for a Fuckface single w/sandpaper sleeve and a Mentally Ill cdr. As soon as I feel better where I am not sick and the back pain is not bothering me or a spell, I will get started on them for him.

Tomorrow is the new Sopranos. It will be the first time I will be watching the show without my ex, RMD. We watched all 3 seasons together (albeit after we broke up but while I was still trying to get her back). It will probably give me some painful memories but I will endure. Thor is coming by to watch it with me so at least I will have someone to talk to. He’s gonna loan me the Oz season 1 dvd set too! I didn’t see a lot of the first season, I discovered the show when the second season started. It will be cool to se what I missed.

There is nothing good on TV on a saturday nite!


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