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This blog is quickly becoming a place where I just bitch about how I don’t feel good. I hope that changes ASAP! But that day is not today. Last nite, I woke up in the middle of the nite again and the same deal, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I was tired, and I wanted to, it just didn’t come for a real real long time. Today on the way home, I bought some melotonin and am going to take one before bed and see if that helps me. I sure need the sleep too, right now I have a headache that started in the late afternoon and hurts so bad I can barely see straight and it makes me nauseous. I took some advil for it to no avail. That was all I had at work. I listened to that Curlupanddie CD today and the new Himsa CD, both were alright. I have to write reviews of them and some other stuff this weekend. Also in the mail I got a 7″ from The Imports that I bought off the guy that was the singer of Identity Crisis. I never heard this Imports single before, but it is on Cirkle Records, which put out the Identity Crisis single and was based out of the Chicago area. Right now I am just watching Smackdown. That Stephanie Mcmahon sure is fine!


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