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Alright since I found myself with nothing to do and while flipping channels, I stopped on mtv and wound up watching the real world. This new season is set in Las Vegas. Well so far it has been about one of the guys was interested in one of the girls, who seemed at first to feel the same way, but then gets drunk and decides to hook up with one of the other roommates. Not only that, but they make out with each other right in front of the guy. That is fucking evil and he should have kicked the crap out of the both of them. The second episode found one of other female roommates making out with the aforementioned couple when everyone was drunk, then later, the girl who hooked up with the guy on episode 1 is crying cuz her daddy doesn’t love her. That’s cuz you look like a slut on TV honey.

When I saw that first episode, I really felt for the dude that got left out. One time, many years ago, I went out to a show with this girl who I kind of liked and thought was cute. Well, at the show, she gets really drunk and ends up making out with one of my alleged “friends” who was at the show. I was pretty pissed off and contemplated leaving her at the show but instead did the stupid thing at the end of the nite and drove her home, where I did not speak a word to her and when we got back to her place I just said “OK, get out”. I wasn’t surprised that my alleged friend did that, he was a sleazy bastard anyway and I didn’t much care for him anyway, but I was surprised that she did that.

Sometimes I think that I am somehow cursed when it comes to the relationship department. I have been screwed over and hurt on more than one occasion. The last relationship I was in, turned out to be the best girlfriend I ever had and we were together a long time, however it got off on the wrong foot, and I was a complete idiot and selfish prick all because I was too scared to open up to the girl because of scars from past relationships. I figured I was protecting myself, what really happened was that it cost me the best woman that ever came into my life. It was only when it was too late that I realized what I had done. I spent a long time trying to get her to give me another chance to no avail. We don’t speak to each other now and haven’t in nearly 2 months due to an incident that I wrote about here, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and I still really miss her.

Man, I gotta get through this back surgery and recovery so I can find something to do at nite, being cooped up at home like this isn’t so good for the mental well being at times. It is gonna be a long month of recovery after the surgery.


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