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After what has become my saturday ritual of going to the bank and post office, my dad and uncle came to visit me today to celebrate my upcoming birthday. We went to Potbelly’s for lunch and then watched a couple movies. My uncle then left and my dad took me out to dinner at bennigans (we first went to J Alexanders but the wait was too long and we were starving). The food was pretty good and I actually have leftovers. It was weird not having my dad eat everything in sight and also eating far less than me. He had that stomach operation where they bypass most of it so you will lose weight. He looked smaller than the last time I saw him and he is taking to the thing real well.

I posted an ad in the msg board on the Dag Nasty website about the GI interview on my site and got 100 hits since posting it! That made me pretty happy. Stabb wrote and told me he really liked the interview and how it looks with the old flyers, that meant a lot. It has been a real treat emailing back and forth with him, he is a really nice guy.

Gotta pick up my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow in the city. The drive sucks, but it is worth it as they travelled in from MA just to help me for the next 4 days with my surgery and everything. We’re gonna go out to eat but I have to make sure to be back to catch sopranos! The rest of the nite tonite I am just going to work on the Robbie Fields interview.


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