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Well, the surgery is done with. It went quite well actually. Not only did I not get a fever or a spine leak, I didn’t even get nauseous! I stressed the importance of my not wanting to get sick from it like the last 2 operations I had, and the anesthesiologist did a fine job. The coming-to part of the operation is still the worst, they keep wanting you to take deep breaths and keep your eyes open but you are so fucked up that you just want to sleep some more. Eventually they put me in a room and I slowly came around and woke up. I was really sore, but I instantly noticed the pain I had was only the new pain from the procedure, the leg tingling and disc pain were GONE! They released me about 7pm. My sister went to go get the car and pick me up at the door while they wheel me out. I get in the car, and we drive about 50 feet when I hear a funny sound in the car. I had a bad feeling I knew what it was so I have my sis go look, A FLAT TIRE!!! FUCK! So she pulls around to the entrance, puts me in a wheelchair inside while she changes the flat. She did it damn fast too, I was impressed, but what shitty luck! I cursed that fucking car and I vow to sell it and get a new one now!

When I got home, my sister set up camp for me in my room with a tray, food, and my drugs. I put on Raw, but I was too tired to watch, so I just listened to it as I rested. The vicodins really help me in being able to get up and walk to the bathroom without feeling like I’m gonna die. I didn’t’ get a lot of sleep, which was odd for the amount of meds I am on, but I didn’t’ expect to. I woke up just about every hour. Sometimes I got 2 hours at a time. I had a lot of old tv shows on nick at nite and tv land on in the background. The weird thing was, I was flipping channels at nite seeing all these old shows and for some reason got to thinking about “Charles in Charge” and wondered why that wasn’t on one of those stations. I have no idea what even made me think of it, and then low and behold, at 4am IT WAS ON! Weird! That show featured Nicole Eggert before she grew up to be a super-tasty lifeguard on Baywatch.

Today I only leave the bed to go to the bathroom, otherwise, I’m resting here all day on the mend. Thanks to the people who wished me luck on here yesterday.


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