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Happy Birthday to…um… well, me

Today I am 33 years old, or 33rpm if I was a LP record. I don’t have anything to do. This morning I the phone rang at 9:15 and it was TMG wanting to know if I wanted her to pick up my prescription today or tomorrow. I am not sure she would have actually wished me a happy bday had I not asked her if she knew what today was. If she does indeed show up, I will try and convince her to get me a sandwich from yorktown deli for lunch. This will likely be the worst bday ever, I can’t go out to celebrate, and hell, I am not even mobile enough to play records, too much moving about. It is just TV and DVDs today for me. I did have emails waiting for me from the Polish Princess and my sister, and an IM from Koz wishing me a happy bday when I woke up today.

Thor came by last nite for Sopranos and gave me the Young Ones DVD set for my bday, that was super cool of him, so that will likely be my bday viewing today. He also brought a pile of DVDs for me to watch and after the show, we watched Amadeus. I had never seen it before, and upon first inspection, I thought I wouldn’t be able to sit through it. Luckily the dialog was spoken in the “Mike’s English” and not the shitty Shakespearean english like what ruined Titus for me (that movie felt like homework and I had to turn it off). It was a pretty damn good movie, even though it was 3 hours long! I actually got to sleep a little after 2am last nite, I did wake up at 4:30am but I think I fell asleep within an hour and was out until the phone got me. After the call, I managed to get some more sleep and got up for good a little before 11am. I think last nite was the most sleep I got in one nite in a real long time, it felt pretty good.


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