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The start of another week

Last nite’s Sopranos was quite entertaining, and man was that Valentina girl hot! Tony is one lucky bastard. Thor came by for the show and after that moved a bunch of stuff around in my house so I could fit more shelves in the dining room to hold more records, that was damn nice of him to do all that manual labor for me.

I got a nice email from someone today who really like my Posh Boy interview. That made my day that someone thought enough of it to write and tell me. I’m watching raw right now, which aside from the fact that Stacy Keebler is smokin’ hot, is pretty boring. I heard from a cool reissue label today and put them in touch in an old punk label for some possible vinyl reissues, hopefully the two can work something out for some great vinyl reissues, and I would be responsible for it happening.

I got the vinyl versions of the new Skulls and Ch3 albums today, nice slikscreen covers and color vinyl. Bill from Doctor Strange also sent me the Toxic Shock reissues he did on cd. I’ll be reviewing those and a couple dvds this week for the website, I talked to cab and my records went out today so I will have them by the end of the week so then you will be able to see the Faction interview as well, after that I’m waiting on answers for one I did with Dave of AOD. Doing this website has been as fun as the printed zine used to be for me early on.


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