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Oh Z’s – where are you?

I ended up working until 9am. I was good and crabby and worn out by the time I left. However traffic ruled on the way home. I was able to drive as fast as my tired eyes could process the information and flew home. I noticed on the other side, the traffic was the most awful I have ever seen. There must have been an accident, and 45 mins from that moment, when I normally would have been driving to work, I would have been stuck in that crap so I was grateful. So I went home, slept for 2 hours and went to meet a special someone for lunch at Egg Harbor. After returning, I just turned on the TV and proceeded to nap the afternoon away. My eyes still hurt, I have a bit of a headache and I’m felling a little low probably from the sleep deprivation. I’m gonna watch the replay of Oz at 10 since I missed it on sunday, and then I’m calling it a nite.


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