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Last nite I picked up the alphahottie and the two little alphas at the train station and we met my dad over at the cheesecake factory for dinner. Since there is no free parking usually anywhere to be found in that area (near Hancock bldg), and it was freezing outside, I just parked in the parking garage. When I pulled in, they made me open my trunk to make sure that, I guess, I had no bombs or dead bodies in there, they also made me turn on the interior light in the car so they could see inside the back seat. The little alphas were back there, leaving no room for any mischevious items such as bombs. I found that odd but I guess they are just being extra cautious these days, especially seeing as that is like the second largest building in the city. It cost 16 bucks to park. What a racket that is. If I could go back in time, I’d buy up a bunch of parking garages in the city, they must rake in the cash! Dinner went really well. Everyone had a great time and my dad didn’t embarass me or scare off the alphahottie. I was quite releived.

Tonite, a new episode of smallville, and I will probably try and watch at least part of the tape of last nite’s raw. I wonder if they mentioned the death of Mr. Perfect on the show. I also wonder how much of the show I will end up fast-forwarding through. It hasn’t exactly been very entertaining lately.


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