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A windscreen like a graveyard for the flies

I’m stuck here at work late tonite. It kind of sucks, but since I am leaving early tomorrow I figure we’ll be even. Speaking of tomorrow, they are predicting a big snow storm. This is not good as I have big valentine plans that involved having to leave work early, and then after dinner driving back into the city, so that bitch mother nature better not try and fuck with me! I have too much money invested in the plans to blow off the event in the city, so we’re going regardless, I’d just prefer to not be driving thru a blizzard for it. I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I am kind of nervous. I just want the alphahottie to feel special and be happy. Call me a sissy or a hopeless romantic all you want, but I really like this woman a lot and want to make her as happy as being with her has made me so far.

And now on to a manlier topic:

Got a msg from Gavin of the Faction telling me the artwork for their side of the single is almost finished, and Don from JFA told me he’s sending me the reissue CD in the mail, I can’t wait to see it. I posted some shit on ebay which is netting me some good $ so not only can I recoup what I shelled out for the valentine plans, but I will be able to get the record mastered as soon as I have all the necessary ingredients. I plan to put another batch of stuff on ebay this weekend as well because I could use the extra cash, and I would like to get all this stuff I don’t want out of the house, it is just taking up space.


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