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Snapple strikes again

I was shopping last week and went to pick up some snapple fires, and a couple other elements beverages. I noticed that they repackaged them in these gay aluminum looking bottles, that contain 2oz LESS JUICE, yet COST MORE! like a quarter more. The fucking things were nearly 2 dollars. 2 goddamn dollars, for one juice! 18oz! They also changed the Sun to a totally different flavor. The old sun was very tasty, why change it to a new flavor, why not add a new sun? Or call it something else. The new sun also is tasty but that is besides the point. I checked out their website and sent them a complaint email. It was meant half serious, and also to be funny at the same time…

Why did you change the elements to come in those lame aluminum bottles, that CONTAIN LESS and COST MORE TO BUY? That is a ripoff. And what happned to the original Sun? Now you changed the flavor totally, and while it is quite tasty, why is the old sun now gone? Couldn’t you have made the new sun be something else and kept the old sun? Tatoine has two suns, why can’t you?!

Bring back the orignial large glass bottles at the old price. The new price for less is nearly 2 bucks and it a ripoff! FIRE was my favorite drink, but now it is almost two bucks and I get shorted 2oz, not to mention, everyone knows stuff tastes better in the glass bottle.

I am afriad you are leaving me with no choice but to go back to drinking cherry cokes. they are cheaper, they don’t repackage the container to give me less for more money, and they won’t discontinue it.

I also learned that these elements contain Caffeine! That explains the energy I got from them, and why when I drink them at pinball league that I can’t fall asleep at nite when I get home! I thought the energy was coming from the other crap they claim was in there to give you power, like ginseng and guarana! Bastards! I have no problem with the caffeine being in there now that I know, I do have a problem with new lame packaging that contains less, costs more, and doens’t taste as good! Oh well, I still have cherry coke. If only I could get that, and original cokes in large glass bottles, I’d be one happy vault keeper.


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