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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.33

Are you good at responding to emails and/or Blog comments?
I’m pretty good at them, though I am sometimes behind in email from time to time.

Does it make you crazy when people won’t reply to your emails even though you know good and well that they are reading them?
Hell yeah it does, that shit is annoying. That and rude.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve had inside your body?
This little tube they put in my kidney to keep it from healing closed when I had kidney stones removed over 10 years ago. It was in the kidney with a string that came out my unit. I had to remove this thing myself a week or two later and it was 34 inches long!

What person from your past would you most like to run into and visit with for an afternoon? Why them? What person would you like to not ever see again as long as you live? How come?
The person I would like to see most, and I have mentioned this before, is Aubrey Aragon. Search this site for more info, but she and I were once very close and then she vanished seemingly into thin air and stopped talking to me for some unknown reason and I have no way to get in touch with her anymore. As for who I would not like to ever see again? I have a fairly good sized list of that. Just about everyone from my old job at Midway I never want to see again with only a couple exceptions. Luckily all my exes I don’t ever run into or they would be on the list. Well, not all of them. As sad as it would make me to see her again, seeing RMD wouldn’t be a bad thing, nor do I wish any ill will towards her at all. I think that mostly covers it as to who I would never want to see again.

What was the last bad meal you (or your special someone) paid too much for? What’s the story there?
I don’t recall the last bad meal. I tend to go to places I already know I like, so if that happned (and I know it has), it has been so long that I don’t remember when or where it was.

If out-of-the-blue you were forced to find a new career, if there was just suddenly no need for your field of expertise, just what job do you imagine you would seek out? Do you have any skills you can “fall back on?” (If you stay at home or are a student, adjust to fit your situation)
I have no idea what I would do. I would freak out that’s for sure. Right now, that is the last thing I need to think of. My life suddenly changed for the bad again this morning and is gonna take some adjusting to get used to all the free time I’m suddenly going to have on my hands as far as my personal life goes, the last thing I need is to get that picture in my head of what happens if my work goes sour.

If you were to open up your own restaurant, what would it be called and what type of food would you serve? Describe the “feel” of the place (the decor, the music, etc).
That’s easy, I would open up a Potbellys! There is no greater place on earth to eat!


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