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The weekend in review

Friday after work I drove 90 mins in traffic to get to the Tweeter Center (perhaps the worst venue in music history) to see Kiss and Aerosmith. I met up with the assklowns nearby and we made our way in. Our seats were great. We stayed out in the parking lot until the very lame Saliva was done playing. We got inside, found our seats and was amazed at how good they were. Kiss took the stage shortly after. They had a fake Ace (some guy in his costume) but the other 3 guys were all original. Despite the fake Ace, and them playing “Lick it Up” while in makeup, Kiss are still super heros and they put on one hell of a show. They are quite the showmen and never let you down. This was my fourth time seeing them will full makeup and all. The other three times it was all 4 original members. Aerosmith put on a great show too. I’m not much of a fan and only like a few of their songs, but they did kick some ass. It paled in comparison to Kiss though, I mean how can you follow that show up?! You just can’t!

Saturday we went to see Discharge, Toxic Narcotic and The Street Brats at Oasis 160. It was a fun time. I drank way too much that evening between the show and the after show gathering at the Clown Ranch. I left my car there and got a ride home as I was far too drunk to drive. I ended up getting super sick, puking a lot at home, and not being able to keep even liquid down for most of yesterday. It was horrible and I thought I was going to die. Finally early evening my stomach settled down enough to keep water and some bread down. I slept pretty good last nite but my stomach is still hurting and I’m scared about eating as I am afriad of trouble happening again. I’ll have to go lite today and get a sandwich or something. This sucks for tonite as I am gonig to WWE Raw, and there goes my plan of eating some uber-crappy for you foods such as nachos and hot dogs.


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