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Weekend review

I never did get to go to the Tivoli on Thursday nite, no one was available.

Friday: After work, went home, had some dinner and then went over to the Clown Ranch and hung out while they had band practice. Called it an early nite because I had a doctor appointment the next morning.

Saturday: Went to said appt, and ran a bunch of errands including shipping all the remaining black vinyl copies of the JFA/Faction split to Belgium in a trade to Reflex Records for some of their merchandise that I’ll be selling in my mail-order. There is maybe a dozen red vinyl copies left of the split and then it is sold out. I will likely be doing a second pressing soon. After that I stopped by the ranch again so #1 could get the clown van and help me go pick up a bed for my guest room. My sister is coming to town in less than a week and I wanted to have an actual real bed for her to sleep on instead of the ghetto hide-a-bed that hurts her back that I had in there. We picked up the bed and delivered it to the Manor and then went to Potbellys for a fine meal. That nite, #1, SB2 (1’s brother), some girl named Liz, and myself all went to the Tivoli Theatre to see Finding Nemo. I had seen it over the summer at the drive in and really liked it, and it was well worth seeing again. After that, Liz left and the three of us remaining went to the city to some bar in Lincoln Square to meet up with some people to celebrate Shrub’s birthday. It was also someone else’s birthday whom I had never met before as well. I have not seen Shrub since the Insane War Tomatoes days, which was over 10 years ago! I also saw his sister, Linda, for the first time since high school and it was cool to see her again and catch up, and I also saw Mick, who I had not seen since shortly after high school. It was a fun time.

Yesterday I set up the new bed, cleaned up the guest room, office and spare room, the place is looking much better. I figured I’d get the house in order for my sister’s visit. I only left the house once to go grab some dinner with Pod, who came over to watch Carnivale. That show is not bad, I think I’ll be adding it to my regular TV schedule.


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