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Fuck You CTA!

At lunch today I was supposed to meet Pete at Potbellys on State/Lake. So I get on the green line, and it stops short of Clinton Street and sits there for 20 minutes or so, then it moves, stops at Clinton and they inform everyone that the bridge is up/out and that everyone has to get off the train and there will be a shuttle bus. I’m already late for lunch at this point. I go down the steps, wait over 15 minutes for a bus that never comes. I finally gave up because I didnt’ have all day to wait and my lunch break is not that long! I call Pete and inform him I have no way to get there due to this and have to cancel. I then go back up the stairs, hop the turnstyle (cuz they’re not gonna fuck me out of another 30 cents for a transfer) and get on the train going back and had to bring back something from the Palace at eat at my desk. So thanks a lot CTA, for fucking me out of $1.50 and an hour of my life. Pricks!


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