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Once again legal

This week ended my dual offenses of illegal driving activity. My license plate sticker was expired, and I finally got a new one last Saturday, and my drivers license had expired on my birthday, which I hadn’t realized until a few days ago. I went to the DMV before work this morning and renewed it. They made me take an eye test AND a written test. I missed 3 questions on the written test, probably due to either new laws, or my not reading the question carefully enough. I got the sign identify questions all right.

I took some pix at the From Ashes Rise show last nite at the Fireside and will post them later tonite. I ended up going alone, which sucked, but at least I saw someone I kind of know and chatted with him a little bit while I was there.

Tomorrow nite is the big Destroy Everything show at Lyons Den. I hope to see some of you there! It will be a fun time, I promise. They are playing either first or second I think, we don’t know for sure yet. I plan on downing a ton of serums at the show, how I’ll get home is anyone’s guess!


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