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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.47

What do you do to get warm when you are very cold?
Put on a sweatshirt go indoors and get under a blanket or two. I HATE the cold!

What is the first thing you do in the morning after you get up?
Turn off the alarm, swear at it for waking me up, wish I could sleep for a couple more hours, then go downstairs and eat breakfast.

Do you remember the very first video game you ever played (arcade, handheld, console, etc.)? What do you remember about that experience?
I remember being pretty young and my dad taking me to Just Games when it was nothing but wall to wall pinball machines. Then they started getting video games when they were inveted. It was probalby pong that I played first, could have been Space Invaders or some motorcycle game, or Sprint. Those were my earliest memories. I was hooked from the first game on them, and video games, and that particular arcade, would play a large part of my life after that, and in a way still does as evidenced by my career.

Do you have a good memory or do you find that you need to write things down to remember them?
It depends on what it is. I can remember the most trivial shit about records, where I bought them, how much I paid, how many were pressed, etc, I can recount stories of past relationships with great clarity, but I have trouble remembering someone’s name when introduced to them (which is probably why I give everyone nicknames!), I’ll forget to bring things with me that I leave out on my table, and I’ll forget other various things. I have also forgotten now certain records that I own, causing me to have to carry a list with me on a palm pilot in fear of buying something I already have, but I attest that more to having so many records now it is hard to keep track more than a lack of memory. So sometimes I can remember, sometimes I have to write it down.

What are some of your all-time favorite television commercials?
I can’t think of any off the top of my head. I typically don’t pay attention to them and will leave the room or flip channels while they are on.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving food that is made by one person, and no one makes it better? If not, then what is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?
The entire thanksgiving feast as made by my mother, and now by my sister, is the best on Earth! Unfortunately my sister moved away and I don’t get to spend thanksgiving with her anymore, and my mom died a lot of years ago now.

Are you planning to switch cell phone companies as a result of this new law, or possibly pit two companies against each other for a better deal?
I’m stuck with my current one for 2 years, besides, they all suck and all have shitty reception, and all charge about the same these days so it doesn’t matter much to me.


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