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The rest of the CA trip

So saturday I met up with Doug Moody of Mystic Records. We had lunch and talked for a few hours about various things, mostly the history of Mystic, punk rock, and his take on the badmouthing that he has endured over the years from bands and people he worked with in the past. He really was a nice guy and had a lot of cool stories to share, and it turns out he was in need of someone to do layouts for CD booklets for the old stuff he is reissuing. So I am taking on the job for some extra money, and some records too. He dug out a little stack of some records and brought them for me when I met him, including a test pressing of the Superseven Sampler LP which was numbered of 7 copies. On top of that he gave me the Dr. Know and RKL cds and promised to send me more stuff.

After that, I made the long journey to Dr. Strange Records. I didn’t find too much, but it was still nice to go out there. The doc wasn’t around but I did see Hotdog Boy and it was cool to talk to him again. One thing I did pick up for a very fair price is the first Chronic Disorder 7″. When I got back, Thor, Bob and I went to In and Out for dinner, then to the pool hall for a bit and then watched a movie at TGore’s place.

Sunday I met up with a fellow record collector who I have traded with in the past a couple times but never met in person. He was a cool guy and took me to a couple record shops near his home. Rhino Records was the best of the bunch and I found a few cool items in there for cheap, including a Dr. Know album on pink vinyl which I never knew to exist on color vinyl! After another trip to In and Out, I dropped off the rental car and took the plane home. It was a really fun trip which the only flaws were that I wasn’t at 100 percent from being sick, and it was too short. It was great to see my friends Bob, Thor, and TGore again, I wish CA wasn’t so far away and I could see them more, but I have been going there so much lately it is like I have two homes. In fact, I am going back this Sunday for a few days for work! Pink’s, In and Out, and Del Taco will be waiting for me!


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