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Punk night in Evanston

Last nite there was a show at Nevin’s Live in Evantson. There were four bands:

The Krunchies were first. They played some speedy punk rock with a dual vocal attack of male vocals and female shreiks. I thought they were pretty good. They have a 7″ coming out on Criminal IQ Records very soon.

23 Skidoo were next. They couldn’t seem to decide if they wanted to be a ska band or a punk band. They started with a Bad Brains cover, played about half speed. Not good. Make up yr minds kids about what kind of band you want to be, and if you (wisely) choose a punk rock band, ditch those fucking horns.

Destroy Everything played third. My klowns never let down the people. They played a fun, energetic set and seemed to entertain the crowd, despite Hannover Fist’s incessant raising of his kilt, revealing his junk to the crowd, and blinding the people! Yes, he was going commando.

Functional Blackouts closed up shop. They played some raw, sort of low-fi punk that sounds as if it could have been recorded in the early days. I liked them nearly as much as I did their album on Criminal IQ Records. Good stuff! They seemed to have issues with the sound at the show however.

The show was lots of fun and the club is a nice place to play with decent sound. It may turn out that this becomes a regular event (sunday all ages punk shows), and I hope it does. After the show, we hung around at the bar for awhile, then drove home in the snow, which made for a long and slippery trip.

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