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Pinball and Punk Rock

Saturday we had our pinball league. It was pretty fun, I had more fun playing Dan’s old bowling game than I did with the pinball. My partner didn’t show up, and didn’t pre-play either, so he fucked us over! I went into doubles handicapped by the fact that the only way out team could beat the other one is if I beat the combined scores of the other team on each game. While I took first on each game, I only was able to beat the combined score once, by 80 points! So my team lost. Singles started and I sucked major ass. I took 3 lasts, a second and a first. My playing has gone to shit, I never play at home these days (especially now with my basement still not back in order) so my skills have waned. I need to practice up when the basement gets back together. Anyone going to come play some pinball with me when that happens?

Yesterday I spent half the day recording songs for the radio show I’m going to be on tomorrow nite. It is all CA punk with lots of Weirdos songs in honor of them playing this saturday. I can’t wait!


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