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You can go away for awhile, but the work will still be waiting for you when you get back

Came back safe and sound from CA. It was a great trip, but perhaps a bit long. Now that I’m home I have a mountain of tasks ahead of me.

First and foremost, the vinyl for the 2nd pressing of SCR-005: Government Issue 7″ is in. 100 on pink vinyl, 400 on black. I have to stuff those and then ship the ones out to the distros that are waiting on them.

Second, tomorrow the sleeves will be here for SCR-006: The Cheifs 7″. I have to fold those and stuff the records in those as well. I do not have the inserts yet! I’m waiting on Jon to print those for me but he seems to be MIA! I think I need some bags too as I don’t have enough to go around.

Third, I must update the SC website once The Cheifs stuff is done, then make the one-sheet to get some distros to buy them. I am also WAY behind in doing reviews, for which I apologize to anyone who sent stuff and is waiting on them. I will get to those soon, I promise.

On top of that, there is the usual crap to do at home, and also put up the couple of pix I have from the CA trip on this blog.

I slept like crap last nite, I was up more than half the nite and then I had to wake up really early today to go somewhere for work. This and I’m still used to CA time so as of this typing, I’m spent, I have zero energy and I crave a nap like you wouldn’t believe!


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