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Of cars and graves

So my car ended up costing me nearly 400 bucks when all was said and done. What a f’n ripoff. If there was a way to get by without it, I’d smash the thing to pieces and be done with driving altogether. After paying all that money which could have been better spent on other things, my reward was a 1 hour and 15 minute commute to work this morning. Thank you 294, for making me pay for the privilage of sitting on yr fucking piece of shit road for 45 mins on what normally is a 10-15 minute trip.

I did arrive to work to find a box on my desk from Imprint. Yes, The Cheifs sleeves are here and they look great!

This past weekend I went up to the far reaches of Kaukauna, WI to go visit the graves of my mom and grandparents. I have not been there in 9 years and I was harboring a lot of guilt for not having gone basically since we buried our grandmother there. A couple of attempts to get up there in the past failed for one reason or another. This time, the Lady Combustion went with me and we made a little weekend trip of it. It was really sad going up there and it hit me harder than I thought it would, but I am really glad that I finally did it, and I vow to go once a year up there despite the far drive. We made a couple stops on the way to break up the drive which helped some, and we would have made better time had I not got bum directions from PJ. After the visit, we went to dinner and to a casino where I lost 80 bucks playing blackjack, then found a hotel to stay at. Sunday we went back to the cemetary for a bit, took a drive thru the town then hit the road home. We stopped for food, and stopped for cheese and summer sausage at Mars Cheese Castle and Bobby Nelson’s. It was a sad, but nice little weekend getaway and I’m glad that the Lady Combustion was the one who accompanied me on the journey.


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