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Last chance for The Cheifs

The Cheifs 7″ is nearly sold out, all I have left is some of the clear vinyl copies. If anyone was procrastinating buying one, I wouldn’t wait too much longer. I think I might have 30 copies left and that is it forever! I got some nice compliments on the record from a few folks and that really made my day to know people really liked it.

This friday is The Effigies reunion at Empty Bottle. I saw them do a reunion about 10 years ago and they were great, I’m sure it will be a good show. I have to get tickets still, I’ve been putting it off. In fact, I should do that right now. It will be a fun time, the Lady Combustion will be attending with me, and so will the klowns, and I have some other friends that will be there too.


  • what the..a New cheifs record eh? this is Euge here. back in 1980 when i was 14 i was the roadie for the cheifs with mugger. then he bailed to black flag. any way i was supposed to replace bob glassley who everyone called “henley”for some reason. so like i say i was going to replace your man henley..i mean bob on bass guitar because i was a much better bass player and a lot sexier of course even though i had not yet had any sex being only 14 yrs. old. any way there we were in the smaller cheifs practice room at the hollywest building where we all lived and we were about to launch into the song blues i think and in comes henley i mean bob and starts going into the “i am SO sorry”bit to george and jerry and rabbit well i had taken a powder and when i came back henley, i mean bob was back in the cheifs.
    interestingly enough a couple years later after jerry and rabbit quit the band old bob comes to me at the No Crisis house THE PONDEROSA and convinces me to play the Last Show of the Cheifs on Guitar no less! Gilbert (now Jack) from the Stains was on drums at that point:
    it seems George had disapeared and i was the only living human that could replicate his sound. i played every song except TOWER 18 because henley was better on that does’nt take a genious to figure out that had the Cheifs kept Me in the band back then and gave henley the heave ho we would have made some boss albums together.however it kinda worked out like “Bewitched” ya know, where you get stuck with a bogus DARIN or like how they changed drummers in The Partridge Family.really,i mean it. any how make sure jerry and rabbit get some loot off this record if y’all make any.oh yeah if you must know i got mad tunes online at from my last cd entitled “en garde” it came out in 2000 on which? records and is fully outta print. as in i sold em all buddy. one last thing a lotta cats ask me why they call me Euge well, that’s onna counta the Cheifs gave me that name
    Mind yerself,Euge

  • Nice to hear from you Euge – fantasy is a beautiful thing. You know you were always good for a laugh. I hope all is well in your world.

    BTW, If anyone is looking for (reality based) Cheifs information, please contact the band at:


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