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Punk rock loses two more

Over the past few days the world of punk rock lost two more figures.

Greg Shaw, founder of Bomp Records, passed away this past week. For those who didn’t know, Bomp started out as a magazine, then a record store, then a record label/mailorder. They put out a ton of records including the first Weirdos 7″ as well as a bunch of Iggy Pop stuff, The Zeros, and a bunch of garage stuff I never followed. They also did some sweet reissues of Germs records and various other things. To say Bomp Records was influential to a lot of people, myself including, would be a gross understatement. If it wasn’t for Greg Shaw, the world of punk and underground music would probably be a lot different, and not as good of place. I never had any interaction personally with the man, but for years I have appreciated what he has done and from what I have been reading, he was a hell of a good man.

The second, was the singer of Icons of Filth. Having not been a big mark for English Punk, I can not tell you much other than I have a couple of their records and they once had records out on Conflict’s label. They were pretty influential to people who were big into English Punk though, and in the past couple years had made a comeback and released some new material as well as seeing some of their early stuff reissued.

I don’t know what it is, but there seems to be a bunch of dying going around these days, and I for one, would really like to see it stop. Farewell my fellow punks, and thank you for all that you have done.

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