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Neon Christ reunion show

Unfortunately I won’t be anywhere near Atlanta, GA on that date, but Neon Christ is doing a one-off reunion show as a beneift for the family of one of their friends who recently died.

Friday, November 19th at the Earl in East Atlanta.

If anyone goes, please send a report and take some pictures! Neon Christ will eventually make it in an entry of “Selections from The Punk Vault” I’m sure.


  • Aside from the song on the P.E.A.C.E. comp (which is on CD from NRA), I don’t beleive the rest has been reissued. Grand Theft Audio ought to do it, but I think that guy is sitting on a mountain of various stuff that he hasn’t gotten around to releasing, with Dissonance being one of them! So who knows if he gobbled it up and plans to someday release it, or if the band still has their recordings and hasn’t done anything with them.

  • Wow! It’s nice to know that 20 years later people still care. Kip, the NX guitarist now has all the masters. When he gets off the road, he is going to do some re-mixing and remastering for a 21st anniversary disc. Brian from GTA has been patiently waiting for almost 10 years to put out our stuff. With the renewed interest from the show, and the possibility of a full band reunion show, we are going to get going on the project. I will blast an insiders review of the show after next week. Thanks!

  • The show was great. The guys did a good job (for not being in punk bands for over 10 years). Jimmy rocked hard on guitar. They only messed up on one song (which has weird stops and starts) but otherwise it was great. If they play with Kip in December I’ll start a riot if they don’t play “Drawn In”! The banner from back in the day was an awesome touch!

  • Neon Christ will be doing an original-lineup reunion show at THE EARL in Atlanta GA on Friday, December 24, 2004. “Drawn In” will be played, among NX’s other beloved chestnuts of punk rock heaviness.

  • Can this be true? Such a great band as NX has reunified! What a pity, that I didn’t got to their show know earlier. Otherwise, I would have come over from GERMANY with a few guys, all grown-up with that tremendous HC-Stuff in the early and mid 80’s. Great guys, keep it goin’!!!


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