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Crime interview is up!

The interview I did with Johnny Strike of the band Crime is now up on the Spontaneous Combustion site. You can read it here.

I have also finally started transcribing the interview I did with Lisa Fancher (owner of Frontier Records) this summer and hope to get that finished in the next couple weeks.

The DOA show on friday was a good time. I will say that they were better when I saw them 17 years ago, but it was still worth going too. With only Shithead playing guitar, their sound isn’t nearly as full but they pulled it off OK. I bought Shitheads book and plan to read it soon as I heard good things about it. It was fun to hang out at the show with Lew, Jeff and Chris H.

This week is a busy one with 3 shows. Thursday is Skinny Puppy in Milwaukee, Friday is Skinny Puppy in Chicago, and Saturday is The Effigies. I am hoping the klowns make it back in time to go to The Effigies show as I miss hanging out with them and they’ve been out on tour for like a month.


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