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Neon Christ reunion update!

I got an email from Neon Christ after MT-Blacklist blocked their attempt to post in the comments section (sorry about that guys). They wrote:

I tried to post some info on the Neon Christ reunion show in ATL but your site wouldnt let me post; insinuated I was a spammer. Thought people reading would like to hear the latest info on this show from the band. Kip, guitarist, wont be able to make it into town as a band he plays with got a last minute opening slot for an Everclear tour but the show will go on with Jim switching to guitar and the singer for Atlanta band The Carbonas playing drums. A full band reunion show is still in the works for the near future.

Good luck with the show guys, I wish I could make it to the show. If anyone in the Atlanta area is reading this, please go check out the show, they are doing it for a good cause.

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  • I just got home from the Neon Christ show. Seventeen years later and these guys are still as much of an assaultive force as ever. They put Atlanta on the map. Even with Jim on guitar they still were as tight as ever. In December expect a retorspective anniversary CD and another Atlanta show with Kip on guitar.


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