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Dimebag Darrel shot

This article tells the story of some shitbag who went to an OH nightclub and opened fire. One of the people to be shot and, it sounds like killed, was Dimebag Darrel who was in Pantera, while he was on stage playing with the band Damageplan. The gunman was gunned down by police and subsequently died.

Just how fucked up in the head do you have to be to walk into a show with a gun and open fire on the band playing?! Now 5 people are dead and for what?!


  • Fuck man, i can’t believe this world. How a man can do something like this? Kill Dimebag Darrel, fuck, I can describe what i’m feeling now, i’m about to puke. Rest in Peace Dimebag, we love you.

  • I’m not a Damageplan fan, but I like some Pantera and was pretty shocked by this news. You don’t expect a guy to get shot on stage while perfoming. Dimebag was a legend in the metal community. This individual who shot Dimebag was pretty messed up. Stories are coming out now that he was obsessed with Pantera and said they stole his lyrics. He sounds pretty whacked out.

    This is going to change the club going experience forever, at least where aggressive music is involved. Its unfortunate that I have seen, on some punk message boards, that this is viewed as some sort of thing to joke about. Dimebag had a wife and kids. He was shot in front of his brother and about 400 fans. And for what? Over a band? Fucking stupid.

  • What the fuck made that stupid ass mother fucker go off and god damn go kill DimeBag mother fuckin Darrel??!!?? People now days are soooo stupid! Damn dude, that shit pisses me off so bad. I just cant believe it


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