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Crunch time

Things at work are crazy busy now that we are nearing the end of this project. I’ve been putting in long hours these past two weeks, which means I have zero time for anything else. I get home and I go to sleep. I have missed going to the gym a few times and I still have to find time to finish up most of my xmas shopping.

It looks like I will be doing another pressing of the Government Issue 7″ after the holidays are finished. I’ve had a couple people and a couple of distributors ask for them. The distributors are some people I haven’t worked with before. Doug Moody put them in touch with me and told them about my label.

The Lady Combustion gave my my xmas gifts early this year. She got me a bunch of really good things that I needed and it was really nice and thoughtful to get me the things she did. She even broke the budget we set for each other! Fear not though, for I had every intention of breaking the budget on her as well, even though I’m low on money lately. I plan to post some stuff on ebay this weekend to make some extra cash to recoup the spending I’ve done lately and help offset the cost of xmas gifts.

I am also contemplating pressing up a small number of SCR – 003: JFA 7″s and also a limited double 7″ of the JFA/Faction single where I would paint/silkscreen the blank sides. I’ll probably do 100 of each after the holidays. I don’t have time to tackle anything before then between work and the two remaining projects I have for Mystic Records.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and for the info they’ve been emailing or posting in the comments for all the Punk Vault selections. It has been a lot of fun doing those and it keeps me inspired to keep at it.


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