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I was beginning to think I’d never make it home

We are finally back home, one day later than planned. We were supposed to fly back home last nite but that bitch, Mother Nature, had other plans. There was a huge snow storm, and we were sitting on the plane, on the runway, for well over two hours before they decided that they were closing the airport, canceling all flights, and thus fucking us out of not only going home, but in the wallet as we had to shell out $ to stay at a hotel. It was a royal pain in the ass, and all we wanted to do was go home. I also ended up missing a day of work because of this (I was to return to work today).

We arrived thursday afternoon and my sister had us pick up her car from her work so we could take it and go shopping around Boston/Cambridge. I never drove around there before, I was always driven around by my family on my last few visits. In Boston, they have the shittiest drivers, and roads on earth. They have few signs anywhere telling you what road you are on, they just expect you to somehow know where those twisty roads that go in all directions are supposed to take you or what they are named. Everyone drives like an asshole there and were were cut off constantly and some dipshit even backed into us on a highway on ramp!

To put icing on the shitcake, three of my favorite record stores out there have gone out of business since last xmas! Mars Records, Second Coming Records, and one other store which the name escapes me, are all gone and other businesses now. It was a huge letdown. The two stores that were left had nothing for me.

It was nice to spend some time with my sister, daveinlaw, and his family, don’t get me wrong, but the trip seemed a lot longer than it was, not including the extra day we got stuck there. It was really nice to be able to have Lady Combustion come on the trip and be part of the family though.

Look for a new Vault entry tomorrow or so, I have to sit down and write one. My sister had archaic dialup and a virus-infected computer so I was barely able to check my email when I was gone.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday.


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