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I came home last nite and Lady Combustion informed me that the Tivo got some update and there was a message on it. I read it and it turns out that with the new update that it received, I now have the new Tivo to Go gimmick. What this does is allow me to transfer the shows off my tivo onto a computer, and even burn them on DVD if I want to. Since I already have my Tivo hooked up to my network at home, all I have to do is install one piece of free software on my PC and I’m set. This sounds like it is going to be really cool, especially if I want to take some shows with me if I travel somewhere and watch them on the laptop while on the plane.

Of course, that would mean traveling, which unfortunately I have no immediate plans to do. Unlike last year, I don’t think I’m going to get a half dozen free work trips to CA this time out. I do plan to visit there though once things around here settle down, which I hope happens soon.

It seems that people liked the “Many Flavors of…” feature so I am going to make that a regular feature. I am going to have the second installment tomorrow. I’ll try and do those once a week if I have the time to keep up with it. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.


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