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There are few things I hate more than when some new band forms, and they use the name of a much better band that came before them. Case in point, a friend of mine is dancing at a show at Gunther Murphys this Thursday night and one of the bands who is playing is called The Sleepers.

What the fuck?! There already was a band called The Sleepers! They were from San Francisco and featured the late Ricky Williams on vocals. They were a really good band from the early punk days. A simple google search by these disrespectful humps would have easily shown them that name was previously taken! This is worse than when some crappy movie studio remakes some great and not really that old film (see Texas Chainsaw Massacre for an example) when there was nothing wrong with the original in the first place. They are just too lazy, or uninspired, or incapable of coming up with something original. The world does NOT need another Sleepers, the one we had was fine. Come up with your own name.

If some group of guys (or gals or some combination thereof) forms a band and can’t be bothered or are too stupid to check to see if the great idea they had for a band name was already used, do you really think they possess enough creativity to come up with music that doesn’t suck total ass? I think not. These guys aren’t even from San Francisco, they are from Chicago. My city is occupied by fucking blasphemers! I mean come on, in this day and age pretty much the entire universe up to and including my dog has access to a computer somewhere that is on the internet. It takes all of about 30 seconds to do a google search (or 7 minutes if you are still using archaic dialup access), put forth the effort for crying out loud! This new “Sleepers” has a website, so someone associated with the obviously has access to a computer, so why didn’t they bother to check to see if the name was used?!

Alright, end of rant. I hope they wise up and change their name. I’m sure the surviving members of The Sleepers (the REAL Sleepers) don’t appreciate their name being taken.


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  • Let the original Sleepers be buried! I personally don’t want to see a bunch of clueless fuckwads listening to them. Go back to your “Sleepers (fake).”

  • Once again…any of you o.g. s.f. punkers know of anyone that might have taped any Live S.F. SLEEPERS shows/rehearsals ??? Old video besides what has already been on Target & “SFL”??? There’s gotta be sumthin?

  • to all you people saying that older bands used names of other bands, that’s a ridiculous statement nowadays. back then it was okay because you couldn’t research every band name in existence… also, many bands DID have to change their name after they found out it was taken already. now all a band has to do is a google search, or maybe dig just a little bit harder, to find out if a name has been used. i always, A-L-W-A-Y-S, check as many places as i can to find out if the name has been used. it’s just lame, and lazy, to copy a name. go screw you fuckers.


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