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Subhumans, From Ashes Rise, I Attack 7/10/05

Last night I went to the Logan Square Auditorium for a show. It was the Subhumans (UK), World Inferno Friendship Society, From Ashes Rise, and I Attack. Senor Citizen was supposed to go with me, but due to his being swamped with work and having a deadline looming, he no-showed. I’ll forgive him though as his deadline was super important. This left me to fend for myself and attend the show alone. Lucky for me, I ran into a couple people I knew and ended up having a really fun evening.

I got to the club and waited in the hot stairwell up to the auditorium as they took tickets/money, frisked people (more like a body cavity search, it was insane how thorough they were frisking people), and stamped the hands of those of legal drinking age. Due to the chaos of all these things happening at once, and not being run very efficiently, I somehow ended up getting in free. I had money in hand but didn’t know who to give it to, I was simply stamped for being of age, frisked (more like mauled) and sent up the next set of stairs into the show. I have to say I was very happy having saved 10 bucks seeing as how it is a lot of money to me in these lean times.

I Attack

I Attack were first and played some energetic young hardcore. Punk Vault reader and all around good guy, Rob V, sings for them and I was glad to be able to see his band play after meeting him at the Obanion’s night at The Note a few weeks ago. They played at least a half hour as people were still filing into the venue and the people that were there seemed to be enjoying their sound. There were some kids from their neighborhood there dancing and the security kept running over there to break it up. It was apparent that the security for this venue were very over-zealous and didn’t quite understand when you see kids bumping into each other, they are likely dancing and not fighting.

From Ashes Rise

From Ashes Rise were next and to put it simply, I’d say they not only blazed through a tight, powerful set, but they stole the show. In most cases you’d be hard pressed to ever hear me say that a newer band blew away one of my classic punk bands, but From Ashes Rise did just that. I thought their set felt a bit short, but perhaps it was just my hoping they’d play more because I was really digging it.

From Ashes Rise

World Inferno Friendship Society were third and not only do they have one of the most ridiculous band names but they have some of the hardest to describe music I’ve heard in quite some time. It was like a demented mixture of circus music, Irish drinking songs, and ska. They had like 8 people in their band, including a cute female bass player who was quite easy on the eyes. I didn’t care at all for their music but they seemed to have a pretty good amount of people in the audience that were into them. I sat up in the balcony, which was reserved for the bands only but thanks to my pal Dave S. I not only got to take a load off my feet, but I had a supply of free bottled water and someone to hang out with and talk to at the show! Thanks Dave!




Finally the Subhumans took the stage and they were pretty much exactly how I saw them in the 90s, which was very entertaining. They plowed through all “the hits” and the crowd ate it up and were way into it. I think aside from the members of the Subhumans, I was the oldest one in the crowd, who were mostly made up of teens/early 20s and looked awfully happy to be dancing to the sounds of a great old punk band.

The show got out pretty early, around 10. I stayed and chatted with Dave and Rob a bit before taking off and Rob gave me a copy of the I Attack record for the vault which I’ll be listening to this week. It was a fun show and a fun evening and well worth the drive down in the heat.


  • I was planning on going to this but just didn’t feel up to it. It’s good to know From Ashes Rise had such a great show. I was really into their records for awhile but when I caught them in DC they were kind of a let down.

    I really want to check out I Attack as well. Their lp hints of great things to come I think. We’ll have to meet up at a show at some point man!

  • Subhumans are great live. Did they play “Parasites”? A long time ago, I hung out with their roadie (Pete) and he was such a cool guy. I don’t know if he still travels with them, though.

  • hey,
    i am a very old friend of Billy Davis of From Ashes Rise. haven’t spoken to him in at least 3 or 4 years and the contact info I have for him is no good. if anyone knows how to get in touch with him, an email address or something, it would be greatly appreciated. Billy, if you see this, it is moi, Karen from Manchester, from high school, from France.

    Thanks for any help. Please pardon if posting this kind of search message isn’t appropriate on this website.

  • Karen – email me your contact information distort_thrash @ and I will forward your info onto Billy…BTW he wasn’t playing with them this time through…


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