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R.I.P. Randy “Biscuit” Turner

Man I really hate doing these. The world of punk rock has suffered a big loss today. Randy “Biscuit” Turner of the Big Boys has passed away. There is some information on it here.

The Big Boys were a huge influence on the punk rock scene in general throughout the years. They had one of the most unique sounds of any band before or since (despite the Red Hot Chili Peppers blatant stealing of their sound). Their motto was always “now go start your own band” and hundreds did! The world of punk rock, and music in general, has become a little more empty once again with this sad loss of someone who contributed so much to the history of punk rock. R.I.P Biscuit, I hope you are playing on the big stage in the sky, influencing a whole new group of people.


  • I was about to send you an e-mail telling of the sad news. I read your website often and thought that you would like to know. This is a really really sad day and unfortunately a lot of people don’t know the Big Boys(nor do they know any or all 80’s hardcore). Maybe this will influence some bands to get back together and possibly playing a tribute show? This is too bad to see someone like Biscuit who was a huge influence go like this.

  • This is terrible news! The Big Boys were such visionaries and so far ahead of the punk curve. All of their records are just great. Wow, I am completely bummed about this.

  • Very sad. I had never heard he had a drinking problem before, but cirrhosis is pretty bad. That really sucks. The Big Boys were so fantastic.

  • Hey Y’all. Biscuit was one of my dearest friends. His loss is overwhelming. Just FYI- He didn’t drink. He had other problems that affected his liver. The medical examiner is RE-autopsying to change the death certificate, as the reported cause of death is causing a great deal of trauma and anger for his family and friends. He is missed more than I can say.There’ll never be another like him. Now, go out and start your own band… He’d have wanted you to! P.S. If you can find recordings of Swine King (the band I played in w/ him in the 90’s)- check ’em out. It was a hoot!!! Thanx. -dotty

  • Here’s my heated letter to the Statesman Editor:
    Dear Editor,
    I take great exception to the preliminary findings by the medical examiner that Randy ‘Biscuit’ Turner died of complications of cirrhosis due to alcoholism. I’ve known Randy since we were children, and he was no alcoholic. He suffered from other medical complications that led to his cirrhosis and consequently avoided alcohol. I find it troubling the M.E. would choose to release a preface assumption without a basic review of a medical history, resulting in an erroneous conclusion that would be so troubling to grieving family and friends. Further investigation would reveal the truth of this matter warranting a retraction from the M.E. and an update by the Statesman.

  • Love from Dogtown
    Oh @#$ that sucks Back in the day the Skoundrelz played a lot of shows w/ the Big Boys and we ate a whole lot of
    Biscuits Chicken and dumplins. Those are cherised memories. I know this is a late post for which I am sorry
    I am really bummed Biscuits was one the best performers that I have ever seen, We’ll Miss you old friend and all of the laughs ,joy and mayhem you helped us cause, Rip.
    Dave Hurricane
    Skate to Crash,Crash to laugh


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