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LFCM October 2005 episode 3 now available!

I just posted the newest episode of our “Live from Combustion Manor” (or LFCM for short) radio show/podcast (or punkcast as I’d like to call it). Lots of great old punk tunes and some (hopefully) entertaining stories and whatnot from myself and my beloved Klowns from Destroy Everything. Click the image below to download the latest show.

Click me to download episode 3 of the October LFCM

If you like it or hate it, let us know at radio[at]punkvinyl[dot]com.


  • Just for the record,
    All the religious chicks needed in order to sleep with me was a couple bible verses. You’re giving them way too much credit. No albums were exchanged in the deal.

    I believe Shrubb got some of the best from my collection. Somebody got the 7″s, maybe Aaron Martin (aka: Whoa, Black Martin). I think I had every Dickies 7″. Actually, I found my old copy of the P.E.A.C.E. compilation at 2nd hand tunes on Clark Street, like 15 years later.

    Anything you find at a used record store with “WDGC” in marker (Kathy Chyna’s handwriting, I believe) was probably mine at some point.

  • Andy,

    Thanks for chiming in, and no offense was meant, I was rather drunk at this point in the show, however I have always been sad that you didn’t give me all those records, at the time you had a huge colletion.

    Aaron Martin?! Wow, that is a name I have not heard in more than a decade! I nearly forgot all about him. I wonder what happened to him, I always thought he was a good guy. Kathy is another person I have always wondered where she went too.

    YOu should come out sometime when we record a show and be our special guest! Also, any chance you still have a copy of the Denied Remarks demo?

  • No offense taken, I was glad to get the mention. I thought it was funny how everyone sort of trailed off after you mentioned my name, like when you bring up someone who died.

    Yeah, I’ve wondered about Aaron myself over the years. Great guy. I’d love to get back in touch with him.

    If memory serves me, Kathy Chyna got sick of me stealing records from the radio station before she could get to them. So she went to my record collection and wrote the station call-letters on them. The problem was she didn’t stop with just the ones I got from DGC, she wrote it on just about ALL my records.

    In terms of record collections, I had alot but I’m sure you’re not missing anything I had back then.

    I’ve got a bunch of old DR/Landmind stuff, including demo tapes, flyers, and a few videos (Downers North Cafeteria, Battle of the Bands, etc.) I’ve been meaning to get it all on a DVD for Robert and Chris. I’ll let you know whenever I get around to that.

    I’d love to come out and see everybody sometime.


  • Hey,
    Unfortunately, I’ll be in Michigan that night. But if I could make a request, how about playing something off that Zero Boys record?

    Keep me posted on future get togethers.


  • MXV,

    Which Screamer gave you the old line about being a “video only” group? I don’t see KK or Paul caring, and I thought Tommy wanted to have nothing to do with the Screamers anymore.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong about any of those assumptions.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hey Andy!

    Long time no see, I hope you can find some time to come out for a “special guest” appearance. It’ll be good to catch up on things.

    Keep us posted.

  • Hey Mr. Senior,

    I’m enjoying a turkey coma in Grand Rapids right now at my brothers. Get this, I just got done watching an old Denied Remarks video tape that my brother had stashed.

    At some point during the show you wander up on stage and flirt with the mic a bit before rejoining the crowd (which includes the bonehead brigade, Ralston Edgar Vandersnatch, Tara Chocol, Kristen Snell and many others).

    We gotsta get together soon.

  • Wow – blast from the past. I got an email at work about an art show with someone named Andy Young, which made me wonder whatever happened to the Andy Young I used to know when I was a young gothling at Wheaton College hanging out at Dale Meiners’s apartment in between trips to Medusa’s, Metro, and Wax Trax.

    Although I was a religious chick (not any more, sorry Andy!) I guess I never whispered the right Bible verses in Andy’s ear….

    I’ve been in touch with Dale (still in Chicago) and Keith (in China, but soon to be in Germany) this past week, which makes the coincidence of that email and this website even weirder.

    Aaron is someone I’d love to be in touch with again, along with a long list of other folks from back in the day. At the risk of being spammed… I’m at tsmith6 [please don’t spam me] “at”

    : ) Tammy


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