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S.C. gets a facelift

Yesterday I uploaded the new look for the Spontaneous Combustion site. I got sick of the old one, plus the way I used to do it before meant having to add that navbar at the top to every single page and it got to be a royal pain in the ass. Now that I have some additional html skills, I decided it was time for a change. I redid the site using frames to handle the navbar, and I use CSS for a much more uniform look throughout. This meant going through page by page and fixing them all to work. Even with my still limited skills, I can’t believe how crappy and bloated those pages were, it is a miracle they worked as well as they did! In the near future, I have some new photo galleries from past shows I plan to upload on there.

I alerted my sister yesterday that this year, since I’m still not working and currently have an income on exactly zero, I can not afford to buy anyone any Xmas gifts and I can not afford to travel. Usually I go up to MA to visit her every Xmas. It is pretty disappointing that this Xmas is going to be pretty grim as I was hoping to have found work by now. I still do some odd jobs for Mystic Records, however that is slow moving and slow paying so it certainly isn’t enough to live off of, however when the money does come, it does pay a couple bills.

Now that the cold and snow (as of today) has arrived, it really sucks out what motivation I have. I love where I live, but every year my tolerance for the cold and winter gets lower and lower. Moving out west isn’t an option though as I’d never be able to afford a Combustion Manor of the same size out there.

As you know, we recorded another radio show last weekend. That show is really progressing into something we all feel is pretty special and we have even bigger plans for it. It is so much fun for me that I literally look forward to them for weeks. There should be another episode posted by next week I’m sure.

For those of you who were subscribers to this site and got the email notifications, that feature seems to have broken, as did email notifications for comments if you checked the box to subscribe to those. I’m not sure how the whole system crapped out, but I’m hoping my generous host will have time soon to help track it down and get it working again. I apologize for the inconvenience.



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