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Lovedolls: Superstar

Lovedolls Superstar Fully Realized – DVD

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In 1986, punk filmmaker Dave Markey made a sequel to his underground punk classic, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls with a much larger budget and titled it Lovedolls Superstar. It was a much longer film with a much better story and featured nearly all the characters of the first film, who were played by friends from the local punk rock scene. Much like the first film, it saw a very limited release obviously (what do you expect with a budget of 2000 dollars), and I never even got to see it until this DVD was released!

Now 20 years later, it finally makes its way to DVD and easy accessibility, but instead of the original version, we get the “fully realized” version or directors cut if you will. Many scenes were added, some were removed, it was cleaned up, and it ends up being shorter than the original cut! Not being able to compare to the original, I can’t tell you if the film suffered for it, but I seriously doubt that it did. The soundtrack was left nearly intact with the exception of the omission of anything Greg Ginn had contributed, because for some reason he wanted no part of it anymore and actually filed suit to have his stuff removed from the movies (this happened on the first film and DVDs that were ready to ship had to be destroyed). I should file suit against him to recoup the money I wasted going out to that shitty “Black Flag” reunion in 2003, but I digress.

The story of the film picks up some time after the end of the first. The Lovedolls had broken up and went their separate ways and one of them even died. Patch Kelley has morphed into Patch Christ and she is the leader of a wacky religious cult and gets people to do whatever she wants. Kitty Karyall is down and out and living on the streets. Patch runs into Kitty at the beach and they start to hang out again. It isn’t long before they come up with the idea to get their shit together and reform the band. Of course they are sans-guitar player since their original one had died, so they do what any self-respecting aspiring band would do, they find a prostitute and enlist her to be the new guitarist.

The band reforms and the word gets out and all the rabid fans are elated and the members of Patch’s cult, are now Lovedolls fans and will do anything and everything they can think of, no matter how fucked up, in an effort to please the band. Through the course of the band trying to get back in the spotlight, people die, people drop out of hippie communes and become punk rock stars and more wacky stuff happens. The movie is pretty campy and it will make you laugh, and also scratch your head and wonder “what the hell?!”. It is definitely a better film than the original, which was charming in its own way, and a good extension of the world that the first one created.

As a bonus on the disc, there is a little documentary of sorts on the 20th anniversary of the movie when it was shown at some event in Hollywood and you get to see a lot of the cast as they are today, as well as learn a lot about the making of the film direct from Dave Markey himself. It really was an interesting feature that capped off a pretty fun 80 minutes already invested in watching the film.

The video quality is very good considering the source, budget and age. The audio was cleaned up really well and was quite clear and the music sounded great. There is two audio options, stereo and a 5.1 surround mix. The surround mix was pretty well done and was the option I preferred. If you were any kind of fan of the first one, you are going to want to pick this up for sure, I’d also highly recommend it for anyone who has a remote interest in old punk cinema as the film reflects a time and a scene that is long gone but should not be forgotten.

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