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  • Hey, I tried cutting and pasting into iTunes, but all I got were snippets of 0:10 to 3:15 long, even though the shows appeared as being 1:00:00 long before it began to download.

    When will it be available through the iTunes Podcast store?

    Rock on, Jesse Luscious (ex-Philly Zine, Berkeley Sucks zine, ex-buncha bands, current Alternative Tentacle)

  • ok wait…either it’s there and it’s mislabelled or it’s not there. the release date is listed as 6/26/06 but the show title is “11.26.05 Segment 4”. is it from 11.26.05? or is it mislabelled? thanks!

  • 11.26.05 is when the show was recorded. We recorded a bunch of shows in one session, then they get edited into 1 hour segments. We got behind (way behind) in our schedule of getting the shows edited and posted, hence the fact it is now June. The 26 of june is when I posted the show. So you have the most current show that is “airing”.

  • The downloading problem is now repaired. I had to move the files to a different server to cure the problem since the hosting service for where they were not working are retarded and were claiming no trouble on their end.

  • MXV,

    You were interrupted before you could say during the show, but what was the name of the Naked Hippy song?


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