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Munster Night at Delilah’s

The good folks at Munster Records asked me to pass along the following information and since they are a good label and we have a mutual friend, I figured I’d give them a plug. You folks living in the Chicago area are the ones who may be interested in this.

Munster flyer

MUNSTER PUNK-ROCK NIGHT @ Delilah´s – Chicago, USA !!!!!!!
March 12th (Monday) !!

Munster Records is more than pleased to announce the upcoming big party which will take place at the world famous DELILAH´s club in Chicago. On the night of monday March 12th you will able to hear the best selection of Munster´s favourites, taken from the vaults of Munster´s family of labels!!! Psychotronic southamerican freakbeat from Electro Harmonix, classic Punk-Rock hits and Garage nuggets from Munster, aussie high-energy cuts from Bang!, “action-packed R&R” from Rock&Roll Inc. and mucho mucho more. AND, of course, some surprises and lots of FREE STUFF for all Munster fans who come and say hola!! SI!!

About Munster…
Established almost 20 years, and with something like 500 references on various labels (Munster, ElectroHarmonix, Bang, etc.) Munster Records is one of the most respected and older european independent labels. Punk, Garage, Rock, Psychedelia.. you name it, Munster has it! Oh, and both new bands from all over the world, and reissues of classic stuff of the 60s, 70s and 80s!

About DELILAH´s…
Delilah´s is without a doubt one of the best and coolest ROCK&ROLL clubs in the world. Not only they have THE BEST JUKEBOX, but they have great DJs (almost) every night of the week, spining the best Rock&Roll, Punk, Garage, Soul, County, Mod, etc. Patron Mike Miller hosts lots of special themed nights, record release parties, free movies of all kinds (classic masterpieces, rock&roll documentaries, B-movies…), temporary exhibitions of great artists (most or them related to the rock&roll world and much more. Delilah´s has been opened for 14 years, and it has become synonimous for rock&roll in Chicago.

DELILAH´s is located at 2771 North Lincoln Avenue, which is near the intersection of North Lincoln Avenue and West Diversey Parkway. Two blocks west of the Diversey stop on the CTA Brown Line. Chicago Illinois USA, yeah!


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