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R.I.P. Punk Planet

This is two R.I.P. posts in as many days. Granted one was for a person and this one is for a magazine.

Punk Planet magazine which some may have thought of as the “grown up version of MRR” has ceased publication. I was a reviewer for the magazine for the last year and a half or so and I was wondering why it had been so long since I received anything in the mail to review for the next issue. Now I know. Basically financial problems, getting screwed by a distributor and the sad state of the music industry are among the reasons cited for their closure. I was a fan of the magazine since about their 5th or 6th issue, years before I would be asked to be a reviewer for the magazine, and I am very sad to see it go. Throughout the years for me the magazine was constantly interesting and often times had some very good (albeit never long enough for my liking) interviews with people from both the old and new punk scenes, artists, etc.

For the complete details, check out the story direct from the horse’s mouth right here. Goodbye Punk Planet magazine, thank you for the years of quality reading and thank you for thinking enough about my writing to have me reviewing records in your magazine.


  • OK, now that I looked at your info and HS picture on the DGN website, now I recognize you!

    You were not that ‘punk’ in high school were you?

    Fun seeing you and Dan S. last night!

  • I was, I just didn’t have the spikey hair back then, I had a much more normal, and bad haircut throughout HS. That pic from the yearbook was about one of the only times I ever wore a suit or didn’t look like a punk rock skateboarder back then.


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