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Flyboys – Crayon World

The fine folks at Frontier Records have a brand new release under their belts. This one comes in the form of a reissue of a long out of print 7″ that totally deserved to be brought back to life.

Flyboys – Crayon World 7″

The Flyboys had the distinction of being the very first release on Frontier Records with their 12″ EP that came out close to 30 years ago now! It seems only fitting that Frontier reissues this single which came out before the aforementioned 12″.  Since I never owned a copy of the original and always wanted one, I was pretty stoked when this arrived in my mailbox. Two great punk/powerpop songs fill this little piece of joy and it comes on limited edition pink vinyl.

This is available now via Fronter Records website. Tell Lisa and Betty that MXV sent you if you stop on over.


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