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New Lilys colored vinyl reissues

Frontier Records didn’t just put out some of the most iconic punk rock albums of all time, but the label has also released and reissued some pretty stellar indie rock stuff too. In recent times, the label really did a huge favor to the world by reissuing the first three, long out of print, Lilys albums. Those records were originally released between 1992 – 1994, and had remained out of print for over 20 years before Frontier Records reissued them. Lilys at that time were very much a shoegaze band, but one that for some reason didn’t get the widespread attention that other bands in that genre received. Hell, I hadn’t ever heard of them back then and I liked that style of music quite a bit! It wasn’t until these reissues came out that I finally heard what I missed out on. Recently, Frontier has issued these albums in new limited edition vinyl colors. Let’s take a look at them.

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First up is the first Lilys album, In the Presence of Nothing. This was first reissued on Frontier in 2017 and the special edition sold out very quickly. This double LP (with bonus tracks not found on the 1992 original) has been pressed on one green, one blue vinyl, comes with a download card, and was limited to 500 copies.


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Next is the second Lilys album, A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns, was originally released at a 10″ mini album. Frontier recently reissued this for the first time as an LP with bonus tracks. This came on a limited edition pink vinyl, which they made 500 of, and it also is available on black vinyl. The pink has since sold out, but the black should still be available. This also comes with a digital download.


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The third Lilys album was the first one that Frontier reissued a few years ago. Eccsame the Photon Band was first reissued by Frontier in 2015 in two different colored vinyl editions. This new edition is on opaque yellow vinyl and is limited to only 500 copies.

These Lilys records should be available at better record stores, but if you aren’t near one you can simply have them delivered straight to your home by visiting the Frontier Records Bandcamp site.


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