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Weirdos – Weird World pink vinyl

The Weirdos were one of the first and one of the absolute best punk rock bands ever in the whole world. I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad Weirdos song and their Dangerhouse single is one of the best slabs of punk vinyl ever to be pressed.

When Frontier Records first released this collection of Weirdos songs, it was one of the most exciting days of my record buying life at the time when I walked into a record store and saw this on the shelf, not even aware that it was coming out. Of course this was on the inferior CD format, but at the time that was all that was available. Eventually it was released on the correct vinyl format and has been pressed on a couple of different colors. I was lucky enough to receive with my Rikk Agnew LP the latest color of this fine LP.

The Weirdos – Weird World Volume One on opaque pink vinyl

It was just pressed on limited edition opaque pink vinyl. I think it looks pretty sweet like bubblegum with white marbling in the pink vinyl. It also comes with an insert.

The album can be acquired for a very fair postage paid price direct from the Frontier Records website, or I’m sure your local store may have it if they have any kind of good taste in products. Thanks to the fine ladies at Frontier Records for sending this over.


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